Out of school, out of sight

59 million children of primary school age are out of school

Most unfortunate are the young ones who are born in overcrowded homes with not enough to eat and no awareness of education. Thus no prospects of climbing out of the abysmal misery.

Global Education Campaign (GEC) was founded to provide educational opportunities to these children, who overwise will go uneducated and unskilled, and would be exposed to abuse and exploitation and the cycle of poverty will continue generation after generation.


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DOSTI (Mera Ghar Mera School) Campaign

How it works

Global Education campaign helps out of school children and their families through
local nonprofits by connecting them with nonprofits, donors, and companies.

Project Initiation

Community asks for an intervention

verification & Sloution

GEC verifies, plans, and implements the solutions

You lead a project

You choose a project and lead from the front.

Monitoring & Reporting

You receive regular updates from the field.

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News & Stories

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